Learning at home gives children a valuable opportunity to practise, extend and learn new skills. A stronger partnership between the school and parents helps children make much more progress.

We have a structured Homework policy.

The main aspect for children’s homework is practising their reading skills. Children need to read 4-5 times a week to develop confident reading skills. Please see our Reading at Home page for more information.

As children start to learn key words they will also bring home spellings to learn. As with learning to read, children find learning spellings easiest when they practise them little and often. Children’s spellings are selected from words they need to learn and help children to develop greater confidence when writing.

In reception the focus is on developing early phonics skills. Once children start to learn letters and the sounds they make they will bring these home in their sound book. Playing games to practise these to keep them fresh is an activity which is helpful to build into reading times at home.

Children in reception also learn weekly ‘Wow’ words. These are words such as ‘fantastic’, ‘magnificent’, ‘incredible’ and ‘texture’ which they can use to describe things in more details and avoid using words such as ‘nice’, ‘good’ and ‘OK’!

In years one and two children also receive maths and inquiry home work every half term. Other pieces of homework may also be sent from time to time as opportunities arise.

Once Big Write starts in year one weekly talk homework is sent home. This outlines the topic for the weekly Big Write. It includes ideas to talk about which will help children develop their own ideas for their writing. Children do not need to write anything down as part of this homework. It is also helpful to recap discussions on the way to school the following morning.