Our Values

Our Values and Aims shape our school and the direction of our school improvement work.  They outline the ‘bigger picture’ aims we have for children as well as how we intend to achieve them.  We spend a lot of time talking about these with children and they are used to form the basis of our inquiries and our assembly themes.

Our Values

Respect and Responsibility

Becoming respectful provides the foundation for learning about responsibility

  • Developing an understanding of what it means to be respectful and fostering responsible choices and actions in everything we do are two of the most important aims of the school

Rights and Equality

Ensuring the school is underpinned by fairness is central to our values and aims

  • We believe that meeting needs of all children, within fair and reasonable principles, is what it means to develop the values of equality and rights


The final part of our values

We believe learning and working together within an environment which is underpinned by a positive belief about dignity is an entitlement which all children, parents, staff and governors should have

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